Born to an Italian Mother and a Czechoslovakian Father Randy Vild's ethnic background is deep in the culture of European music. Some of his works include the musical score to the film, Sodom and Gomorah, the reality TV pilot "Reunited" and short film "Conscience Divided".

Randy Vild describes his music as "a movie score with emotion and memorable melodies". The trouble is trying to pigeonhole compositions that are quite simply great musicianship. Vild's music glows with personality and the melodies within will not soon abandon your thoughts. Vild is a master of his craft and is bound to find an eager market for his work in the industry at large. His compositions are multi-faceted and could be used in any number of artistic contexts.


Music is a path. Not just the chosen life direction of one who dedicates his or her life to music but also the tunnel through the space of the mind, the highway by which a listener travels to places only accessible via the magic of music. "When I listen to a song I mentally allow it to take me somewhere. The beauty is I do not know where that place is. Each song is an adventure. Sometimes surreal, sometimes sobering. Music is  universal and for each of us it is unique." Adventure is exactly what puts the spark in Vild's music. A sense of adventure, totally real and totally unique for each piece, permeates the writing of this artist. His music takes on a life of its own and acts as a guide on a listener's journey into exciting new places.

Never Bored

"Music is in the ears of the beholder," asserts Vild. "When I compose I literally close my eyes and imagine myself seated in the audience, anticipating each chord. If I make myself bored then I must find something that stimulates." The fact of the matter is that Vild's music is exceedingly stimulating. And his empathy with the listener, his ability to step back and objectively assess his writing enables him to write exactly the sort of music that draws an audience in, leaves them with held breath from chord to chord and sends them home wanting even more.

Tough Times

Bad times equal good music. Just ask Randy Vild. "I'm inspired by trials and tribulations. Life has many so therefore I utilize them like the eagle uses a storm to uplift himself above it." Everybody faces life difficulties. Vild uses these as a springboard and inspiration to write music that brings the listener into a better place. Vild finds his release in composing and listeners find that very same catharsis. Vild's work causes the hearer to feel the negative drain away as the journey begins. If only there was no conclusion for great CDs, though it would probably be stressful for Vild to compose albums whose running time is infinity!

Floating Around

"I seem to always have tunes floating around in my head," says Vild of his ongoing song process. Of course, he's already seen payoff. He composed the theme song for the television show "The World to Come." "I'm deeply honored for the opportunity to create music where it can be harnessed to enhance a production." Vild lives for his music. "I'm ready to capture through music the imagination of your next video story." That's his message for all. Vild is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


"Randy Vild's music is haunting and evocative; it's the perfect soundtrack for everything from your life to the next blockbuster movie." – A&R Select



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