Soundtrack "SAVE ME" (inspired from Psalm 55)

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Music by Randy Vild
Lyrics by Victoria Gydov
Vocals: Victoria Gydov
Orchestra Instruments: Randy Vild
Guitar: Patrick Abbate
Standup Bass: Brian Netzley
Drums: Milo Todeseco
Audio Mixing: Curt Piar

SAVE ME (lyrics)

Give ear to me
Oh Lord God of my life
Hear now my plea
As I cry out in strife

Those seeking me
Doing evil to gain
Dark plots of hate
Let their plans be in vain

Terrors and death
Overwhelm me with fear
I’ve no escape
But to trust you are near

Vengeance is yours
Put an end to their deeds 
Confuse their words
As the wind scatters seeds, save me…

Save me from pain, save me from fire, save me from all who conspire
Hide me away, help me I pray….

Save me from death, save me from fear, save me when danger is near
Show me your light, into the night….

I tried alone to find the higher ground,
But find that there’s no other way…
You are the only refuge to be found,
And I must trust in all you say…
And keep my faith alive enough to pray…
To make it through the day…

Repeat Chorus




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