Brenda Wyche, Music Editor
"I am absolutely mesmerized by your orchestrations. They take me to Heaven."

Ian Hudson, Pianist
"Randy, your music is simply amazing. Your orchestrations are unique from anything I've heard and they're absolutely beautiful!"
Michael Solomont, Piano Improvisations
"I can hear your wonderful music in great films! Super good work!"

David Gallegos
"GREAT songs! I really enjoyed listening... you've got a great sense for compositions... keep up the good work and I wish you much success!!!"

Nick Bockrath
"I am going to download all of your stuff! I have listened through and its beautiful! you've really got your own sound."

Pam Puga
"My 16 year old daughter and her friend give the songs they have heard a nod of approval, so clearly, your talent fits into many genres and age groups."

Jeremy Laursen
"Your music is incredible. Truly great composing."

Plee, Hip Hop composer
"These Pieces are magnificent....You should be scoring films or theatrical works"

Nicole Sasser
"Absolutely beautiful music!!!"

Brandon Thompson
"Your stuff is beautiful man....have you done any movie scores? I look forward to hearing everything you do."

Dryfe, Pop Artist
"Your songs are very evocative, it s a pleasure to discover your musical paintings."

William Nieporte, Film Composer
"A city In Ruins made me feel like I was exploring Machu Picchu with Hernado Cortez!
Perhaps we'll all hear your music on the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel someday soon."

"Your art is breath taking....thank you for the opportunity to listen to such a God-given gift!"

Amy Robina
"What awesome music you write and how beautifully it is produced."

Oli Twist
"You're amazing! It's not just music your 're performing it's art. I play a few different instruments and know how hard it is to combine them to make a nice sound which you do so beautifully. The music is absolutely amazing and i wish you the best in the future."

Ancient Future
"You've got style and imagination. I'm sure you are making a lot of filmmakers very happy!"

Jesse Cuevas
"Sounds like something I would definitely hear in the next blockbuster epic film. Keep up the great work."

Ghetto Flute Chick, Flutist
"YOU... are incredible! I can't get enough of Dark Winter! It's so deep and passionate, and mysterious. It brings out all of my emotions that have been bottled up deep, deep inside. I feel like I AM THE LEAD STAR IN A MOVIE!!! This song motivates me."

"Your music is amazing! "The Journey" and "For your Delight" take me places."

Daniel Barreda
"Pay attention and listen very carefully to this composer, he has an amazing talent!"

Synaphim, Composer
"I love the journey and for your delight. Extremely rich in imagination. You have indeed achieved something great."

Link, Composer
"Your music is absolutely wonderful. I feel taken away on a spacious journey as the sounds move and replace each other. And I feel lifted floating on a cloud, looking at the earth.. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful."




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