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WELCOME TO MY SITE, it is my desire as a composer that these soundtracks inspire positive thoughts and rich reflection for all that take it in.

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"I've received the CD and enjoyed it enormously. Every song took me away to all kinds of places in the world. It's magical what the different sounds and melodies do with the mind. Relaxing is an understatement! It's like healing; it makes me stop and turn inwards."
Jutta Uiterwaal,  Amsterdam

"Congratulations to you and your relaxing CD release “Warm Immigration” Your desire and compositions in this magical music album is the wholesome and warm conclusion of your breathtaking talent, you are a brilliant, affectionate, and a kindhearted human being. All your musical effort is a measure of your great success. May your dreams come true throughout your lifetime!" 
Avi Pearce , Canada

NEWS: Randy Vild collaborated with the great musician Avi Pearce on a song called "American Dream" which was inspired by the track "The Path to Eastwood". You can listen to this song here

Randy Vild's LA Dodger's anthem receives national air play on Fox radio. Listen and download it free here



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